Palakova - Doodh Peda



Cream – 250gms

Sugar – 200gms

Milk – 1.5 Litres


Take big pan so that the milk will not spill out when we boil the milk in the pan.  In the pan, add cream and milk and keep the pan on the stove and start heating it on high flame with continuous stirring.  In the process of making palakova (doodh peda) it is required to stir the mixture continuously to get thick mixture.  Now, after 15 minutes, milk becomes thicker just like cream, but continue stirring the mixture. Now, after 15 more minutes, what we observe is the moisture in the milk will be reduced becoming the mixture much more thick.  Here, add required amount of sugar as per the paste (mixture).

Now, make the flame low and continue stirring.  Now, sugar gets melted and the mixture become somewhat liquid like.  Now continue cooking or heating the mixture on low flame with stirring till the liquid-like mixture becomes thick like paste.  Cooking on high flame at this stage, makes the mixture burnt, so cook on low flame.  Bubbles indicate the presence of moisture in the milk mixture, so heat the mixture until no more bubbles appear in the mixture.

After bubbles disappear during cooking, cool the mixture and palakova is ready to serve.  To get kova into desired shapes, cool the mixture for some time or keep it in refrigerator and after cooling, kova thickens on cooling.  Now, take some ghee into your hands and then make kova into round balls and then press lightly in the center to make it a little flat. To retain this shape, we can add a little maida to the milk mixture while cooking.


Baby Potatoes Fry - Bangaladumpala Vepudu



Potatoes – 450gms

Turmeric Powder – 1/3tsp

Red Chili Powder – 1.5tsps

Salt  to Taste

Cumin Seeds – 1.5tsp

Oil – 5Tbsps

Onions - 2


Remove the dirt of baby potatoes by rubbing with hand.  Take these washed potatoes in a bowl. Put these potatoes in pressure cooker after adding a glass of water and put a lid on the bowl. On a high flame, cook in the cooker till pressure developed in the cooker.  Now, after reducing the flame, continue cooking for 15 minutes.  Now off the stove and give time to come down the pressure in the cooker.  Now, after cooling the cooked potatoes to lukewarm, peel all the potatoes.


Now, take a pan add oil and start heating.  Now fry after adding cumin seeds until the cumin seeds splutter.  To these cooked potatoes, add turmeric powder and salt and mix well.  Now cook on medium flame for five minutes.  Now, take out the lid, to add chili powder.  Cook on low flame with well stirring.  Now, the most important point here is we can add onions at this stage to become the recipe smooth and more tasty rather than crispy (avoid adding onions if you want crispy).  Serve this recipe with plain rice to your relatives, friends, and enjoy the recipe.

Among India, this is also known as bangala dumpa vepudu, alugadda vepudu, aloo bhuna, Uru?aikki?a?ku, alu bhaja, alugedde phrai, Aloo kassa, batata talane, alu pharai, or potato fry.

 See you with some other new recipe, bye for now !!!!!